The Vice President for Band and Orchestra is responsible for the Band and Orchestra Festival as it pertains to the following areas:

  • Finding appropriate and willing festival sites and hosts.
  • Predicting the number of days you will need to run to fit all registered bands. (This also affects the number of sites one may need.)
  • Creating the festival on the MSBOA website so bands are able to register electronically.
  • Collecting all of the paperwork that must be mailed to you from registered bands and directors.
  • Schedule all bands and sites for festival.
  • Ordering appropriate number of sight reading pieces and parts to fill all sites and players.
  • Organizing the sight reading music and distributing it to the festival sites.
  • Ordering, organizing and labeling all of the concert and sight reading judges sheets and delivering them to the festival sites.
  • Scheduling worker assignments to fill all needed positions at each site.