Fall 2010 Medals Report

You can download the Fall 2010 Medals Report here.

MSBOA District 7 Medals Report Fall 2010


The treasurer handles all deposits and expenses for the district.  Our current treasurer is Nick Mosley.  You may contact Nick at nmosley@mpsk12.net.

Vice President for Solo/Ensemble

Vice President for Medals

The Vice President for Medals job is to provide awards for the students and ensembles that excel at our many Festivals.  This officer works with local award companies to order and deliver plaques and medals for First and Second Division Ratings at Marching Band and Band/Orchestra Festival.  Making sure that a medal is waiting to award each Solo/Ensemble participant that receives a First or Second Division rating is another important part of this job.  Below you will find all the downloadable forms in order to order medals and plaques plus and important medal news.

Vice President for Marching Band

Vice President for Band and Orchestra

The Vice President for Band and Orchestra is responsible for the Band and Orchestra Festival as it pertains to the following areas:

  • Finding appropriate and willing festival sites and hosts.
  • Predicting the number of days you will need to run to fit all registered bands. (This also affects the number of sites one may need.)
  • Creating the festival on the MSBOA website so bands are able to register electronically.
  • Collecting all of the paperwork that must be mailed to you from registered bands and directors.
  • Schedule all bands and sites for festival.
  • Ordering appropriate number of sight reading pieces and parts to fill all sites and players.
  • Organizing the sight reading music and distributing it to the festival sites.
  • Ordering, organizing and labeling all of the concert and sight reading judges sheets and delivering them to the festival sites.
  • Scheduling worker assignments to fill all needed positions at each site.


Advocacy – A note from the President

Dear MSBOA Members:

We have a need for all MSBOA members to advocate for the arts through out the State. MSBOA asks that you have at least 10 active parents enroll by using the following link to gain valuable information regarding the happenings within the State Senate, House and Governor’s office. This will help these parents better encourage our Legislators to solve the school funding crisis as opposed to delaying any solution further and causing disruption for our students’ education in all areas including music. Please help MSBOA help you by directing your active parents to this link. We would also encourage you to go to this link, as it will help you to stay informed.


Please click this link:http://www.msboa.org/aboutmsboa/msboaspotlight/musicadvocacy/


MSBOA District 7 Officers 2010-2011

  • President: Robert Robuck
  • Secretary: Tim Staudacher
  • Treasurer: Nick Mosley
  • Band and Orchestra: Dan Barnett
  • Solo and Ensemble: Sara Eldred
  • Medals: Dean Gilbert
  • Marching Band: James Davis
  • Adjudication: Greg Maynard
  • Orchestra: Glenn Burek
  • All-State: Luanne DeVries
  • Music Education: Emma Greenwood
  • Festival Improvement: Matt Palmieri
  • Member Emeritus: Jeff Ayres/Robert Robuck
  • Technology: Mark Grevengoed
  • Honors Band and Orchestra: Rich Erne/Glenn Burek